16 Questions with Casey Rebecca Nunes

Casey Rebecca Nunes, 25

1)     Where did you grow up? Oakland & Alameda, California

2)     Educational background: University of Hawai`i at Mānoa (Go Warriors!)

3)     What is your earliest theatre memory and how did you initially get involved? My mom took me to see Les Misérables when I was really young (around four)  in San Francisco and all I remember was being totally entranced by what was going on; not only by the action and the music, but I was trying to peek into the wings and see what was happening backstage. I started acting in shows in elementary school, but started stage managing my sophomore year of high school.

4)     Most memorable moment in theatre: So, so many! Recently, I’d have to say working on Footloose at TWS last season was pretty memorable. What a wonderful, positive group of people to have had the pleasure of working with! It was truly hard to let that show go… I miss it!

5)     Favorite ice cream flavor and why: After years of lactose intolerance and finally being able to get over it, I’ve learned to not be as choosy with my ice cream, but if I had to choose? Rocky road: very indicative of my life in theatre.

6)     What do you love most about theatre? The people and all of their wonderful idiosyncrasies. It is a privilege to be able to interact with so many different personalities on a daily basis. Also, being able to share what I love to do with hundreds of friends and strangers every night is exhilarating. It’s a form of human connection, which I think we take for granted sometimes.

7)     Who (in the theatre/entertainment industry) do you find the most inspiring? There are a couple. First: Frederick L. Chacon, my high school drama teacher and the reason I became a stage manager in the first place. Actual quote: “Casey, you’re mouthy and don’t mind telling people to shut up… try stage management.” And here I am today… on a serious note, Fred is one of the most dedicated theatre artists I know because he has dedicated his life (and sanity) to passing along our “dying art form” to kids. Second: Andrea Mellos, AEA Detroit-Metro area actress and one of my closest friends. She is living proof that staying true to who you are will get you farther ahead in theatre than being someone you’re not. I can only aspire to be as kind and generous with my talents as she is.

8)     All-time favorite play and/or musical? One play and/or musical you’ve yet to see but is next on your list? All-time favorites: Harvey, The Last Five Years, Dirty Blonde, A Chorus Line, West Side Story, Eleemosynary, Hamlet, to name a few. On my “to-see” list? Play: The House of Blue Leaves, Fat Pig, Wishful Drinking. Musical: Next to Normal, Rain, How To Succeed…, The Book of Mormon. The list is plentiful, but sadly, time and money are not.

9)     What is your guilty pleasure? Cheese, Law & Order: SVU, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. In no particular order.

10) Theatre wish list (shows you would like to work on in some capacity): The Last Five Years; Almost, Maine; Company (any and all Sondheim, really); Noises Off; The Drowsy Chaperone; Hairspray; Peter Pan; Les Misérables (to have it all come full circle)

11) If you could describe yourself with a commonly used term, phrase, or piece of equipment related to theatre, what would it be and why? “Thank you, places” (and I’ve got the tattoo to prove it!) because I am beyond grateful for the places, people, and things this job has allowed me to see and experience.

12) Finish the following sentence: “If I wasn’t in theatre, I’d probably be…”: very, very unhappy. And a lawyer.

13) Where do you see yourself in five years? Roots laid down in Chicago or NYC; proud member of Actor’s Equity Association (AEA); touring shows, freelancing, or resident PSM gig at in a LORT house. No matter, really: as long as I’m stage managing, I’m happy.

14) Who or what continues to inspire you as you work in the theatre? My GIGANTIC theatre family nationwide (big ups to Honolulu and Detroit Metro, especially, and Hangar Theatre 2009 alumni), who keep producing excellent, passionate theatre, no matter what it takes, and the hope that I will get to work with everyone again in the future. In theatre, it’s never goodbye… just see ya later.

15) Where will I be able to see you/your work when I come to the BASH this year? Stage managing, sound designing, and acting in three of the shows.

16) Words to live by: “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit.” -Aristotle

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About Casey Nunes

25, Bay Area born & raised, straight up sardonic. Over the years, there have been various interests and affairs, but theatre is my one true love. Thank you, places. I hate eggplant, getting my ears wet, being shocked by static electricity, pancakes, tardiness, spelling errors, clowns out of context, flan, wet plastic bags, bad dental hygiene, group clapping, tangled cords and cables, and feeling too much too soon. Also, cookies make me angry. It's probably best you know these things first.

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