16 Questions with Melissa Woodrow

Melissa Woodrow, 23

1) Where did you grow up?  Salinas, CA

2) Educational background: Senior – California State University, Monterey Bay, Teledramatic Arts and Technology  (media arts and film)

3) What is your earliest theatre memory and how did you initially get involved?

Girl Scouts, 3rd grade, we did a production of Cinderella for a senior citizen community.      I remember I played a boy messenger, and I wasn’t happy about it, but I wore a pretty amazing feathered hat in one scene. It wasn’t until my senior year in high school that I   got involved. Auditioned for first time and performed in our school’s production of    Cabaret and  Alice in Wonderland.

4) Most memorable moment in theatre: Just few years ago the first show I stage managed, Anna in the Tropics. It was a blend of nerves, fear, excitement and anticipation. No stage management experience behind me, it was a step by step  process but the best way to learn. Granted every show there after has become it’s own unique experience.

5) Favorite ice cream flavor and why: mint chocolate chip, refreshing and it has chocolate? Could never pass that up. Occasionally, just to be fancy, mix in chocolate cookies.

6) What do you love most about theatre? The day to day experiences. No day is the same, rehearsals can extend for a 2-3 month period but never a repeated moment.

7) Who in the theatre/entertainment industry do you look up to? I admire and appreciate every single person I’ve worked with, without a doubt I’ve learned a lesson from each individual. But most recently I began a collaboration with my high school director Michael Roddy and have learned to appreciate more than I thought.  During high school, Mr. Roddy was able to produce three shows every year and one of which he would write. Like many high schools, we had little to no budget and our theater consisted of a multi-purpose room shared amongst wrestling practice and rainy day lunch hangouts. His mellow demeanor, kind personality and creative ability got every show through the best and worse times. To me, his purpose was just to get the stories out and to get as many people involved and interested to listen as possible. It’s admirable to know one with a humble yet powerful skill.

From the film industry perspective I admire: Walter Murch, Steven Spielberg, Michel Gondry, Richard Linklater, Woody Allen

8 ) All-time favorite play and/or musical? One play and/or musical you’ve yet to see but is next on your list? All time favorite.. Wicked, it just gets to me everytime. I’ve yet to see RENT Sweeney Todd and The Last Five Years but would absolutely love to.

9) What is your guilty pleasure? Home decor magazines and d.i.y projects, I love em, but have nor the time and money to accomplish many.

10) Theatre wish list (shows you would like to work on in some capacity): Wicked, RENT, Sweeney Todd, Hairspray

11) If you could describe yourself with a commonly used term, phrase, or piece of equipment related to theatre, what would it be and why? Gaff tape..it can fix anything. Busted shoes, torn papers, secure bandages…I can be very clumsy and it’s a great way to fix it quick.

12) Finish the following sentence: “If I wasn’t in theatre, I’d probably be…”: a grumpy, unhappy anthropologist.

13) Where do you see yourself in five years? Graduated with BA (finally!), either working in LA area in film production or back in school finishing up my Masters.

14) Who or what continues to inspire you as you work in the theatre? The entire crew and art team behind every show. It amazes me what is accomplished with sometimes so little. The imagination, creativity and talent behind every artist is an inspiration only to continue working hard.

15) Where will I be able to see you/your work when I come to the BASH this year? Prop, scenic and lighting design along with some overall media marketing.

16) Words to live by: “Don’t worry about a thing, every little thing is gonna be alright” -Bob Marley

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