16 questions with Tomas Reyes

Tomas Antonio Reyes, 21. 1) Where did you grow up? Salinas, CA. 2) Educational Background: Currently working on a BA in Teledramatic Arts and Technology, and 8 years of tech and acting experience. 3)What is your earliest theatre memory and how did you initially get involved? The earliest theater memory that I have was when I was 9 going to san jose to see West Side Story. I remember at the time that I hated the movie and I didn’t want to see the show, but to my surprise I really enjoyed it and thought to myself I wish I could be on the stage one day. Since then there was always a drive for theater in me and I tried to get involved within school, and have now taken a step further and involving myself in theater outside of school. 4) Most memorable moment in theatre: I got to say, ” I’m Inigo Montoya… you killed my father… prepare to die” for 10 nights. 5) Favorite ice cream flavor and why: Ben and Jerry’s Half Baked. Its probably the best version of cookie dough ice cream Ive ever eaten. 6) What do you love most about theatre? That its live. The energy of theater, and have the ability to embody a character your usually not. 7) Who in the theatre/entertainment industry do you look up to? Inspirations that come to mind are Christopher Nolan, Brook ashmanskas, Jason Robert Brown, John lithgow and many more. 8) All-time favorite play and/or musical? One play and/or musical you’ve yet to see but is next on your list? One musical I have yet to see, but is next on the list is next to normal. 9) What is your guilty pleasure? Music. 10) Theatre wish list (shows you would like to work on in some capacity): Sweeney Todd, The Last 5 years, Chicago, RENT!, Sweet Smell of Success, Comedy of Errors, The Dog Problem… 11) If you could describe yourself with a commonly used term, phrase, or piece of equipment related to theatre, what would it be and why? Sound Board. Usually when I’m not performing I’m tech on a show running sound, or sound designing. 12) Finish the following sentence: “If I wasn’t in theatre, I’d probably be…”: in music. 13) Where do you see yourself in five years? Hopefully in LA, SF, or NY with a job in the film industry or theater industry. 14) Who or what continues to inspire you as you work in the theatre? My friends who I work with in the theater, and my family. 15) Where will I be able to see you/your work when I come to the BASH this year? You will see my work in scenic design, sound design, and acting.16) Words to live by: The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it-Moliere.

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