This is the cool table, right?

We introduce our 2011 2X4BASH Company!

An abridged photo diary from our first company meeting on May 29th, 2011

Uber Team (Andrew Sellen, not pictured)

Directing Team & Doer Team

The Western Stage Artistic Director, Jon Selover, provides words of wisdom to the team.

Working hard…or hardly working? Paperwork, paperwork, oh that paperwork.

From the top, left to right.
Jeff Hinderscheid, Jesse Huston, Tomas Reyes, Vincent Eclavea, Nikole Moon, Ashlee Ruiz, Paisley Diaz, Shane Russell, Sara England, Michael Stevens, Drew-Davis Wheeler, Melissa Chin-Parker, Jon Selover

Sam Baker, Samantha Petrovich, Dana Maldonado, Mason Brown, Natalie Cruz, Karolina Hepper, Christina Perez, Casey Rebecca Nunes, Nathan Liittschwager, Adeline Taylor, Michelle Ngoi, Cristal Clark, Mark Englehorn, Melissa Woodrow

Not pictured, but loved, Nina Capriola (Director for None of the Above), Wendy Wisely (Director for Oleanna), Andrew Sellen (Scenic Department Head/Uber), Adam Tantillo (Shop Foreman), Skot Davis (John in Oleanna), Star Lasam (Marcy in Dog Sees God)

2 thoughts on “This is the cool table, right?

  1. what up sluts?
    so, i have been doing theatre for about 14 years now, and that has included some of the greatest shows/parts/scripts/production teams of all time. BUT, I.MUST.SAY: This show has so much grit, passion, fierce attack, in-your-face truth, depth, depressing optimism, and all around bassassness that i can’t WAIT to look into the face of an audience member after wards and say, “yeah that’s right. i said the word pu**y four hundred and eleven thousand times….beat that shi*”

  2. Ah Pig, I mean Matt, I mean Jeff….your enthusiasm is catching it all it’s vulgarity. Can’t wait to really jump into rehearsal for Dog Sees God!

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