They can drive a sane person mad…

For those of you unfamiliar with any of the day-to-day tasks of stage management, one of the fun jobs we get to do is take line notes. A line note is a note taken during rehearsal when an actor doesn’t say a line correctly, calls “Line!” (meaning, they need the line given to them), drops words, paraphrases, etc. The Shape of Things is a four-person play…which means they have all a LOT of lines (and they are doing an awesome job, by the way!) and it’s inevitable that there will be pages upon pages of notes for them…

My wonderful assistant stage manager, Mason Brown, is a part of a SM team for the first time and I’ve delegated this responsibility to him for a few reasons:

1) I trust that he will give the actors accurate notes

2) He pays attention during rehearsal (this seems silly, but really… it can be a lot to ask)

3) As stage managers, we’ve all had to go through it: why not go all out for your first time?

So, Mason, I appreciate all that you’re doing (and the actors do, too!) Welcome to my world, kid.

This is what lines notes have done to him.  Enjoy.

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25, Bay Area born & raised, straight up sardonic. Over the years, there have been various interests and affairs, but theatre is my one true love. Thank you, places. I hate eggplant, getting my ears wet, being shocked by static electricity, pancakes, tardiness, spelling errors, clowns out of context, flan, wet plastic bags, bad dental hygiene, group clapping, tangled cords and cables, and feeling too much too soon. Also, cookies make me angry. It's probably best you know these things first.

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