Oleanna: The Telephone Show

Okay, so Oleanna isn’t just about telephones, but they sure do ring a lot in this play. As the sound designer, I’ve been listening to a lot of telephone rings, trying to find the right ones to go with the phones we are using in the show: an office desk phone and a cellphone. To me it’s important that they sound right because they ring often and should sound different from each other. Also if the sound of the ring isn’t quite right, it might interfere improperly with the tone of the scene. These are the things that keep me up at night.

In my search for the right telephone ring I came across this article about the Universal Telephone ring. It’s the sound effect that Universal Studios used in everything during the ’70s and ’80s. You can listen to it at the link below. I bet you’ll recognize it:


For Oleanna’s two phones I’ve been thinking about using these ring sounds.

For the cellphone something like this:

And for the desk phone something like this (click the link below to play the sound):


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