(You know like how soccer fans yell goal? You get it right?)

Last night at 7:30pm we opened None of the Above the first of our four shows to go up. The house was about 3/4 full with 2x4BASH company members, TWS company members and friends of the theatre. Unfortunately, as I’m stage managing the next show to go up for the TWS regular season I was unable to attend. You’d think that between two sets of closed doors and a hallway you wouldn’t be able to hear what’s going on in the studio. On the contrary, we could hear all the big laughs from the audience and curtain call was so loud it stopped our rehearsal. That my internet friends, is the very definition of a kick ass opening. Congratulations to the cast, the crew and the 2x4BASH company. We did it and it is awesome.

Now (since this is just the beginning) I’m off to help with the changeover into Oleanna which opens tonight. A very different experience than None of the Above but equally satisfying. I hope you can all join us tonight at 7:30 or tomorrow at 1:30 for this thought provoking piece. You don’t want to miss it.

Talkback Board post show: Picture courtesy of Casey Rebecca Nunes.

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