“The Chalk Boy” in rehearsal

The Chalk Boy by Joshua Conkel is the first show to open this season, Friday July 13th.

Beneath its boring facade there is more going on in the tiny town of Clear Creek than the opening of the new Taco Bell.  Four of the town’s local girls are here to take you on a tour of their funny, yet brutal reality.  They struggle with faith, friendship, sex, the occult, algebra, and the disappearance of… The Chalk Boy.  This is a deathly black comedy that punches as hard as your high school bully.

Directed by Nina Capriola and featuring Nikole Moon as Penny, Luna Ezekiel as Lauren, Genevieve Toribio as Breanna and Daniella Vargas as Trisha.

Set design by Samantha Petrovich, lighting by Matthew T. Pavellas, sound design by Vincent Eclavea Jr., costumes by Sarah Larson and props by Genevieve Toribio – stage managed by Natalie Cruz

Stay tuned for the commercial…(snap shots below!)

2012 Meet & Greet!

We’re back! Our first season was such a blast, we’ve decided to have a second one!

Join us for a quick meeting where we will announce our 2012 titles and begin sign ups for the company team!

WHEN: Wednesday February 22, 2012

TIME: 6:00pm

WHERE: Hartnell College/The Western Stage, main stage theater

Can’t join us? No worries, shoot us an e-mail at 2x4bash@gmail.com and let’s meet another time!

*something to keep in mind: we are searching for young professional artists, no matter your experience…as long as you have the passion to be involved! We ask our artists are between the ages of 18-30 (exceptions made in acting)*

Clark and Jamie from “None of the Above”

This Friday “None of the Above” opens 2x4BASH’s inaugural season. It’s a rich, cleverly written play about two people from vastly different social backgrounds becoming unlikely friends through SAT tutoring sessions. Clark (Jesse Huston), an SAT tutor, is a smart young man whose intention for teaching the tutorials is not quite clear at first. His initially unwilling student, Jamie (Nikole Moon), is a spoiled, neglected rich kid who spends her days finding ways to rebel against her absent parents.

I asked my cast recently to describe to me their characters in their own words. Here’s what they had to say:

Oleanna: The Telephone Show

Okay, so Oleanna isn’t just about telephones, but they sure do ring a lot in this play. As the sound designer, I’ve been listening to a lot of telephone rings, trying to find the right ones to go with the phones we are using in the show: an office desk phone and a cellphone. To me it’s important that they sound right because they ring often and should sound different from each other. Also if the sound of the ring isn’t quite right, it might interfere improperly with the tone of the scene. These are the things that keep me up at night.

In my search for the right telephone ring I came across this article about the Universal Telephone ring. It’s the sound effect that Universal Studios used in everything during the ’70s and ’80s. You can listen to it at the link below. I bet you’ll recognize it:


For Oleanna’s two phones I’ve been thinking about using these ring sounds.

For the cellphone something like this:

And for the desk phone something like this (click the link below to play the sound):


They can drive a sane person mad…

For those of you unfamiliar with any of the day-to-day tasks of stage management, one of the fun jobs we get to do is take line notes. A line note is a note taken during rehearsal when an actor doesn’t say a line correctly, calls “Line!” (meaning, they need the line given to them), drops words, paraphrases, etc. The Shape of Things is a four-person play…which means they have all a LOT of lines (and they are doing an awesome job, by the way!) and it’s inevitable that there will be pages upon pages of notes for them…

My wonderful assistant stage manager, Mason Brown, is a part of a SM team for the first time and I’ve delegated this responsibility to him for a few reasons:

1) I trust that he will give the actors accurate notes

2) He pays attention during rehearsal (this seems silly, but really… it can be a lot to ask)

3) As stage managers, we’ve all had to go through it: why not go all out for your first time?

So, Mason, I appreciate all that you’re doing (and the actors do, too!) Welcome to my world, kid.

This is what lines notes have done to him.  Enjoy.

None of the Above

Jesse Huston (Clark) & Nikole Moon (Jamie) – Scenic Designer, Tomas Antonio Reyes, seated in the house

Nikole Moon

1) Where are you from? Prunedale, CA
2) What are you doing in the BASH? Jamie in None of the Above
3) Why do you do theatre? Because I enjoy doing it.
4) If I weren’t doing theatre, I’d be: sleeping.
5) What do you hope to learn this summer with 2x4BASH? How to step out of my comfort zone.
6) If you could describe yourself with a commonly used term, phrase, or piece of equipment related to theatre, what would it be and why? A toilet. I take everything in.
7) Three things you can’t live without: Food, sleep, Star Wars
8 ) Words to live by: May the force be with you.

Director, Nina Capriola, & Nikole (Jamie) during the designer run on 6/21/2011

Jesse Huston

1) Where are you from? Salinas, CA
2) What are you doing in the BASH? Clark in None of the Above
3) Why do you do theatre? For the people, to explore the self and personal transformation.
4) If I weren’t doing theatre, I’d be: rock climbing, doing research, drumming.
5) What do you hope to learn this summer with 2x4BASH? Some card tricks
6) If you could describe yourself with a commonly used term, phrase, or piece of equipment related to theatre, what would it be and why? Techie
7) Three things you can’t live without:  Stimulating conversation, my brother and powerful music.
8 ) Words to live by: Take the risk.

Bottom to top: Shane Russell, Stage Manager (also Props Designer) & Sam Baker, Assistant Stage Manager; Diane Kelsey, dresser (Michelle Ngoi, not pictured, will also be assisting); Costume Designer, Adeline Taylor; Sound Designer, Casey Rebecca Nunes. Not pictured: Lighting Designer, Andrew Sellen.

*Photos taken by Melissa Woodrow*