2x4BASH opens Friday July 13th!

2X4BASH: theatre on the edge returns for a second season!

The Western Stage and Hartnell College are excited to announce a second season of the 2x4BASH, opening Friday July 13th! Last summer marked 2X4’s first groundbreaking season of vibrant casts, new designers and skilled directors. This year, we bring three new shows to the studio theater, and expand with staged readings of scripts by two TWS alumni, Dustin Lance Black and Kelly McAllister.

2x4BASH provides an opportunity for the next generation of theatre artists to collaborate, innovate and educate through provocative contemporary works. We challenge artists and audiences alike to approach theatre from new perspectives, and invite people to connect their own life experience with the work. “2x4BASH is an intense crucible for young and relatively inexperienced actors and designers. It allows for young artists to make their bones working on material they feel passionate about, relevant to their world and personal experiences.” Mark Englehorn, director of last year’s The Shape of Things returns this year as not only director for Of Dice and Men but as the fearless leader for this year’s BASH. Continue reading

“The Chalk Boy” in rehearsal

The Chalk Boy by Joshua Conkel is the first show to open this season, Friday July 13th.

Beneath its boring facade there is more going on in the tiny town of Clear Creek than the opening of the new Taco Bell.  Four of the town’s local girls are here to take you on a tour of their funny, yet brutal reality.  They struggle with faith, friendship, sex, the occult, algebra, and the disappearance of… The Chalk Boy.  This is a deathly black comedy that punches as hard as your high school bully.

Directed by Nina Capriola and featuring Nikole Moon as Penny, Luna Ezekiel as Lauren, Genevieve Toribio as Breanna and Daniella Vargas as Trisha.

Set design by Samantha Petrovich, lighting by Matthew T. Pavellas, sound design by Vincent Eclavea Jr., costumes by Sarah Larson and props by Genevieve Toribio – stage managed by Natalie Cruz

Stay tuned for the commercial…(snap shots below!)

2x4BASH/TWS Announce Reading of “8” the play

The Western Stage and 2x4BASH are proud to announce a one night staged-reading of Academy-award winning screenwriter and Western Stage alum Dustin Lance Black’s newest documentary play “8” on Friday July 20th at 7:30pm in the Mainstage Theater.

“8” demystifies the debate around marriage equality by chronicling the landmark trial of Perry v. Schwarzenegger. Using the actual court transcripts from the federal trial of California’s Prop. 8 and first-hand interviews, “8” shows both sides of the debate in a moving 90-minute play. Learn about the historical context of marriage and the human cost of discrimination from expert testimony. The play reveals the arguments used to justify bans on marriage for gay and lesbian couples.


Directly following the performance, join us for a Q/A talkback with community partners and playwright Dustin Lance Black, who will be attending the event as the guest of honor.

“8” is one of many great events 2x4BASH at The Western Stage has to offer this summer and is presented in association with: Hartnell Pride, American Civil Liberties Union of Monterey County, Marriage Equality of the Monterey Peninsula (MEMP), Monterey County Pride, TGIF Monterey, Parents Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG) of Monterey County, CSUMB Health & Wellness Services, The Diversity Center of Santa Cruz, Nonprofit Alliance of Monterey County (NAMC)/Social Equity Committee and Rainbow Panels and Friends.

Admission to this event is free. A limit of two (2) tickets can be reserved via email to 8theplaySalinas@gmail.com or by phone (831) 755-6816 during a very limited period. See www.2x4BASH.com for show information.

To learn more about “8” and the great work American Foundation for Equal Rights and Broadway Impact do, visit their website.

Is tweeting the new tool in theatre?

We were the first in Monterey County to do it and we called them Saturday Night BASHers. Inspired by SFPlayhouse, who began their tweet seats in 2010, more information about the creation of Pluggers is available in this article.  

So what’s the big idea behind tweeting during a live performance? Is it a viable resource or is it “just gross”, as Curt Hopkins states in his article Tweet seats deserve to be booed out of theater (Arts Technica).

Check out this KQED/NPR radio piece, Theatres Torn on Tweets by Cy Musiker, featuring former 2x4BASH stage manager/designer, Casey Rebecca Nunes.

What do you think?

2012 Season Announcement!

We know you’ve been waiting…so here we go!

*Dates/Titles/Times subject to change*

2012 Meet & Greet!

We’re back! Our first season was such a blast, we’ve decided to have a second one!

Join us for a quick meeting where we will announce our 2012 titles and begin sign ups for the company team!

WHEN: Wednesday February 22, 2012

TIME: 6:00pm

WHERE: Hartnell College/The Western Stage, main stage theater

Can’t join us? No worries, shoot us an e-mail at 2x4bash@gmail.com and let’s meet another time!

*something to keep in mind: we are searching for young professional artists, no matter your experience…as long as you have the passion to be involved! We ask our artists are between the ages of 18-30 (exceptions made in acting)*

Saturday Night BASHers

We announce Saturday Night BASHers!

Our first performance is less than a month away and Saturday nights are devoted to social media.

Saturday Night BASHers gives you the opportunity to Tweet or chat via Facebook during the performance.

Some rules & regulations that we must tend to:

1) Seats are limited, it’s based on first come, first serve. BASHers must arrive 30 minutes prior to doors open (ex: show starts at 7:30pm, doors open at 7:00pm, BASHers join 6:30pm) This gives us the chance to get to know you and to give an update on how the evening will play out.

2) You are completely uncensored. We want your feedback, in the heat of the moment, raw and ready to be exposed. Strike up a convo with the person sitting next to you, what you are watching, hearing, thinking and discuss it.

3) You have the choice: Twitter or Facebook. Pick one, and upon your arrival, sign up and let us know which you prefer. If you choose Twitter, keep your account open (unlock those Tweets). We will be retweeting what you say. There will be a special hashtag for the evening.

If you like Facebook, keep your gadget open to the 2x4BASH page, there will be a designated Discussion Page just for you!

4) Keep that phone charged! Battery life lasting at least 2 hours is ideal (Casey & Melissa figured that out during their tweet session at SF Playhouse).

5) Did we mention you get in for free? Because it is first come, first serve, you will be our guests. Reserved seating, house center, back row.

Interested and wanna be a BASHer? Info and performance dates are posted on our BASHers page. 

Thank you to SF Playhouse for having us as guests, here’s a bit about our experience.

On Thursday, May 19th, Casey Rebecca Nunes and Melissa Woodrow had the privilage of experiencing their first performance at SF Playhouse and the opportunity to tweet from their seats during Reborning as they call “SF Playhouse Pluggers”.

Check out these videos to get a quick background. Reborning on YouTube

Reborning is based on a real practice and craft: read up on it!

Now let’s hear what Casey and Melissa have to tweet about.

CASEY: I first heard about “tweeting from your seat” through SF Playhouse before I was even presented with the idea of working on the BASH. I thought it was a cool idea, but not sure how it worked in practice. So, when Jon Selover brought the concept up in one of our early meetings and how he wanted us to incorporate it into our program, I immediately fell in love with the idea and was super excited to try it in our area.

As we were gearing up to announce 2X4BASH and our season, I wrote an entry, referencing SF Playhouse, and I plugged them on Twitter. Dan Meaghar, Marketing Director of SF Playhouse, DM’ed (direct messaged) us, asking if we were interested in coming up to try it out! Of course, Melissa and I jumped at the chance. When we wrote back to confirm, all the Pluggers spots had been filled up! We still wanted to speak with Dan and see the space (who wouldn’t want the opportunity to walk through an Equity house when it’s not in performance? Anyone? Just me? Ah, well, theatre nerds forever…) Literally, as we drove in the City, Dan called me, saying there were two last minute cancellations and that he could fit us in. “UM, YES PLEASE?!” is all I could say. And the theatre nerdery lives on…

MELISSA: After arriving at SF Playhouse, Dan welcomed us on stage and began to breakdown how they run pluggers. SF Playhouse has been actively using Twitter for over a year and have several regular Tweeters. All pluggers are seated in the back row to not distract the audience. Now I’ll admit, I wasn’t much into Twitter, I really wasn’t actively tweeting about anything until this performance. Lights dimmed, show started and fingers began to type. Tweets ranged from comments on light design, creepy baby videos on screen and “giant penis just came on stage”. I wasn’t sure how Tweeting during a performance would feel, normally it’s taboo to even think of using your phone. Once that fear broke, I realized the tweeting during the show enhanced the experience.

Not only was the content and writing unique but the conversations during the show made me question my instant emotions and reactions. I’m usually able to take an hour or so after a performance to think about it’s design and concept but discussing a show as it played out in front of you was refreshing.

Check out what SF Playhouse is doing now!

2011 Season commercial


(play as 1080p for best resolution, it makes look nice)

This is the cool table, right?

We introduce our 2011 2X4BASH Company!

An abridged photo diary from our first company meeting on May 29th, 2011

Uber Team (Andrew Sellen, not pictured)

Directing Team & Doer Team

The Western Stage Artistic Director, Jon Selover, provides words of wisdom to the team.

Working hard…or hardly working? Paperwork, paperwork, oh that paperwork.

From the top, left to right.
Jeff Hinderscheid, Jesse Huston, Tomas Reyes, Vincent Eclavea, Nikole Moon, Ashlee Ruiz, Paisley Diaz, Shane Russell, Sara England, Michael Stevens, Drew-Davis Wheeler, Melissa Chin-Parker, Jon Selover

Sam Baker, Samantha Petrovich, Dana Maldonado, Mason Brown, Natalie Cruz, Karolina Hepper, Christina Perez, Casey Rebecca Nunes, Nathan Liittschwager, Adeline Taylor, Michelle Ngoi, Cristal Clark, Mark Englehorn, Melissa Woodrow

Not pictured, but loved, Nina Capriola (Director for None of the Above), Wendy Wisely (Director for Oleanna), Andrew Sellen (Scenic Department Head/Uber), Adam Tantillo (Shop Foreman), Skot Davis (John in Oleanna), Star Lasam (Marcy in Dog Sees God)