In a Commercial Near You

Since 2x4BASH has just barely started, I’ve been spending most of my time working on props for The Western Stage’s main stage production of Little Shop of Horrors. ┬áMy partner in crime, Leslie Lancaster, and I made the vine arms for Little Shop’s mutant plant Audrey II for the commercial shoot that happened a couple of weeks ago. We mulled over all the ways that they could look but settled on sewing fabric together to make stuffed vine socks. They turned out pretty cool. For a little embellishment, we covered them in silk vine leaves that we cannibalized from some other vines we had.

I first had to spray paint the leafy vines a nice chartreuse because they were a little dark. It also gave them a little dimension. Then while Leslie sewed the green vine fabric together, I stuffed the finished ones with batting.They looked like long string beans once they were stuffed, but that wasn’t enough, so we added the painted leaves to make them more plant like.

The vines looked great in the commercial. Keep an eye out for it on T.V. if you live in the Monterey County area or just scroll down to view it if you can’t wait! Also come see a fantastic production of Little Shop of Horrors running from June 10th – 26th at The Western Stage.

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