2x4BASH is a collaborative theater project working out of The Western Stage at Hartnell College in Salinas, California.  Our 4th season is upon us! In 2011 (our inaugural season!) we produced four excellent plays which ran in repertory from July-August.  For more information about our mission, season, and for ticket information, please check out the other pages of this blog (see those tabs at the top of the page?). Want to read along as our season is built 2×4 by 2×4?  Subscribe to our blog to be updated every time we post about the process.  You’ll have the chance to hear from designers, directors and actors in the midst of mounting these productions. You can also follow us on Twitter, Tumblr, and on Facebook at 2x4BASH. Thank you for checking us out and we look forward to your comments! Read on below for blog updates…

Win a BASHpass!!



2x4BASH tickets and BASHpasses are now available for purchase online!!

Are you feeling lucky!? If so then enter our little contest to win a BASHpass!!

Step 1: Track down one of our posters or flyers
*Hint: If you cant find any around Monterey county there are always some hanging up at the theater* 

Step 2: Take a picture of yourself with our poster/flyer and post it to your facebook wall or tweet it

Step 3: Tag 2X4 BASH in your photo

Voila!! You are now entered to win a BASHpass!!

Post your photo and tag us by midnight on June 19th (Wednesday). A winner will be chosen at random and announced Thursday June 20th.

BASHpass info: http://2x4bash.com/bashpass/

General ticket info: http://2x4bash.com/ticket-information/

“Of Dice and Men” cos-play performances!


Friday August 10 and Friday August 17 are $5 COS-PLAY nights at “Of Dice and Men”!

Anyone who shows up in costume (preferably, but not necessarily Swords-Sorcery-High Seas or Sandals Fantasy) is entitled to a five dollar student ticket!

And Mountain Dew t-shirts don’t count slackers!

Please leave weapons in your lair, absolutely no weapons will be allowed.

Just present your glamorous self at the Studio Theater to receive your Cos-Play voucher, and you are off to the box office for your $5 Ticket!